Mold Coat Compounds for Diffferent Alloys

Moldcor developed several cork based mold insulating compounds to meet the most complex lead alloy casting standards. The most popular grades are:

MCD- 200

Dry blend is designed to meet the casting requirements of low and very low antimony alloys. This blend contains cork particle sizes of 38 to 90 microns, volcanic clay, water-soluble dry binding additive, wetting agents, preservative and other proprietary ingredients. MCD-200 is a durable coating compound withstanding temperatures up to 100 deg. F (538 deg. C).

MCD - 300

Dry blend is especially designed for calcium and other specialty alloys. It combines blend of finest cork particles ranging in size form 28-90 microns, volcanic clay, wetting agents, preservative and separately packaged water-soluble dry binding substance. When mix properties and a durable smooth coating surface.

MCD - 500

Dry blend is designed for Industrial battery grid casting application. Although it provides the same coating capability as other compound, it is formulated to suit more rigorous casting requirement for industrial grids.